About Staka

Staka's roots go back to 1958. We have manufactured aluminium and stainless-steel products for industry and the construction sector since 1982. The TopLight roof access hatches epitomize the best that we can do.

In 2008 we launched our first line of roof access hatches, specifically for offices, warehouses and factories. As a newcomer to the market we were able to stand out, thanks to our innovation and excellence. Quickly establishing ourselves as a challenger brand with high-quality products and an exceptional level of service.

Our products reflect the increasing importance businesses and other customers attach to sustainability, living environment and design. We aim to evolve into a market leader in high-quality roof access hatches  by working together with our trusted group of employees, suppliers and partners.

The drawing board is at the beginning of every good product, which is then perfected during further manufacturing stages.

In designing our products, we work together with experts in the field of insulation, material, structure and construction, who help us to ensure that all details are coordinated to perfection.

Every roof access hatch we sell is from our own production line. We oversee the construction process, monitor our stock and take orders in the knowledge that we will make good on our promises. This is why we constantly improve our manufacturing process and keep everything in-house.

And when we really get into gear, special things happen. Our inquisitive attitude led to the creation of our TopLight products.

We opted for the most sustainable materials and design according to the principles of Dutch Design, aiming for the highest achievable level of comfort and arriving at what we think is the ultimate roof access hatch. We developed two groundbreaking product series that are right at home in luxury homes and high-end offices.