Constructing a roof terrace


Many urban residences lack outdoor space. By constructing your own roof terrace, you can create an extra floor of living space. You can enjoy the sun all day long, with the skyline of your city as a backdrop. With the TopLight roof access hatch, you can also enjoy extra daylight in your home in the space below the roof. A roof terrace is the finishing touch to your home.

Constructing a roof terrace with a roof hatch

  • ● Designing the roof terrace
  • ● Getting a permit for your roof terrace
  • ● The actual roof terrace construction work

Naturally, it is possible to entrust the entire process to a roof terrace specialist. They could construct the roof terrace for you and guide you every step of the way. We can use our large network to introduce you to the best specialists for you.

Designing a roof terrace

The municipality will need to see the basic design concept of your roof terrace in order to consider your application for a permit (see next section). The structural calculation is an essential part of the design concept. This demonstrates that the roof meets the structural requirements for a roof terrace.

We recommend that you let a structural designer calculate whether your roof meets the requirements. Roof terraces are often built on a supporting structure that then transfers the load to the boundary walls. This relieves the roof of the extra stress added by the weight of the roof terrace.

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Roof access for your roof terrace

Access for roof terrace with roof hatchPWhen you design your roof terrace, you will need to decide how you want to access it. If the space allows it, we always advise incorporating a fixed staircase into your design for safe and comfortable access to your roof terrace. Staka’s TopLight roof access hatches are specifically designed with such staircases in mind.

One important consideration in choosing how to access the roof is the fact that you want to maintain a comfortable indoor climate. This means keeping heat out during the summer and keeping the cold out during the winter. The Staka three-layered UltraGlass shuts out noise, cold, and heat while you fully enjoy the sunlight.

Getting a permit for your roof terrace

An environmental permit is almost always required when you build a roof terrace. There are additional rules and requirements for listed buildings. That is why you always submit an application for a permit before beginning construction.

You have to obtain the following: construction drawings, the structural calculation, pictures, and the application form. You need to submit all of these documents together with the permit application to your municipality. The municipality will check the application against the development plan and the building regulations.

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Building the roof terrace

Once you have received your building permit, you can begin building your roof terrace. The process is usually started by making an opening in the roof. Then you need to construct the roof access hatch and staircase.

You can then construct the actual roof terrace, including putting up the required fencing or railings. You have a wide range of options and materials to choose from when looking for fencing and railings. You need to consider the following factors when choosing your materials:

  • ● The maintenance required
  • ● The lifespan of the material

We advise you to consult an expert on which materials are the best for your circumstances. You could ask whether to use composite or wooden fencing as well as aluminium or wooden railings.

Staka’s TopLight roof access hatch comes with stainless steel frame and triple glazing. Materials that will keep the elements out for decades. You can turn to many specialist companies when looking to build a roof terrace. Our years of experience have helped us build a large network of specialized companies. They have the perfect set of skills and experience to make your roof terrace dreams come true.

We’d love to introduce you to some of them. Please contact us for more information.