Inspiration for your roof terrace – from features and furnishings to glass roof hatch

To help you design and furnish your roof terrace, we present a number of tips and ideas for you here.
Get inspired!

Features and furnishings of roof terrace: Furniture

When choosing your furniture, it is wise to take the weather into account as you do not want the furniture to slide across the roof in strong winds. Make sure you have furniture that is sturdy and does not move easily, such as a wooden bench (Source):

TIP: If you’re opting for a lounge set with cushions, make sure you have a storage box on your roof terrace to keep the cushions in.

Shade and shelter on your roof terrace

The weather can be quite variable. Sometimes we have lovely sunny weather and temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius, and sometimes we have the strong winds. Set up your roof terrace in such a way that you can create shade on a hot day and shelter on a windy day.

A great way of creating shade on your roof terrace is to use a shade cloth (Source):
You can create shelter on your roof terrace by means of a closed glass balustrade or a windbreak.

Outside shower on your roof terrace
Want to be able to cool off on your roof terrace? Why not install an outdoor shower! Besides the fact that it offers a refreshing way to cool off, an outdoor shower can be a very decorative feature on your roof terrace. Outdoor showers are generally available in stainless steel to ensure they are sufficiently weatherproof (Source).

Plants on the roof terrace
Greenery on your roof terrace creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. So get plenty of plants for your roof terrace!
A roof terrace is often a high, dry, and sunny place where you also have to take account of the wind. Not every plant does well in these conditions, so keep this in mind when choosing your plants.
TIP: Install a tap on your roof terrace so you can easily get water to water the plants with.

Roof terrace: glass roof hatch or rooftop bulkhead

Glass roof hatchA glass roof hatch for the roof terrace. If you are looking for a durable solution for roof access, you can choose between a glass roof hatch or a rooftop bulkhead to reach your roof terrace.

A rooftop bulkhead provides comfortable access to your roof terrace. On the other hand, the planning permission process for a rooftop bulkhead is quite tricky as it is often visible from the street or neighbouring houses. In addition, the large space inside the rooftop bulkhead connects directly to your home so you end up heating this empty space all year round.

A glass roof hatch leading to your roof terrace offers a solution. A glass roof hatch sits low on the roof, so it is much easier to obtain planning permission for it (as it is not visible from the street or neighbouring houses) and the glass roof hatch has no large empty space that needs to be heated.

In addition, a glass roof hatch on the roof terrace offers greater comfort. The TopLight glass roof hatch is fitted with triple-layered glass with unique properties in terms of insulation, soundproofing, and solar protection. This combination allows you to enjoy daylight to the fullest, keeping out the heat in the summer and keeping in the warmth in the winter.

More information about a glass roof hatch for the roof terrace

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