Amsterdam roof terrace

Our upper floor is bright and beautiful since we installed the Staka TopLight! The roof access hatch is very practical and easy to operate, allowing us to make optimum use of our roof terrace.

A beautiful view of the city, relaxing in the open air: a roof terrace makes it possible. Living space is at a premium, especially in areas with little room available. As such, it is no surprise that there are more and more roof terraces in densely populated areas such as city centres. Roof terraces increase the amount of living space, the comfort of your home, and the value of your home or apartment.

This is certainly true in Amsterdam, where a glazed roof access hatchStaka TopLight – is used to provide access to the roof terrace. The 3000×10000 mm glazed roof access hatch provides spacious, comfortable access to the roof terrace. By choosing a length of 3000 mm there is more space for the staircase, so it does not have to be so steep and is easy to walk up and down.

Not quite enough space in the home? Then consider the 2000×1000 mm glazed roof access hatch instead. The stairs below the TopLight roof access hatch will have to be slightly steeper, but this solution is every bit as attractive.

Watch the video below to view the roof terrace in Amsterdam:

Daylight through roof terrace roof access hatch

In addition to access to the roof terrace, a glazed roof access hatch provides an important benefit: the entry of natural daylight. While natural light makes the room below an even more pleasant space, it also makes access to the roof terrace extra inviting.

The TopLight roof access hatch is fitted with triple glazing so it offers optimum comfort. The glazing is very well insulated, reduces ambient noise, and has a solar control function that blocks much of the sun’s heat during the summer.

Advantages of a glazed roof access hatch

To get to the roof terrace you naturally need a means of access. For most roof terraces a roof access hatch is the most suitable option. On the one hand, because it is easier to get a permit for a roof access hatch than for a high structure such as a rooftop bulkhead. And on the other hand, because a roof access hatch eliminates the need to heat a large empty space as with a rooftop bulkhead.

More information about a roof terrace roof access hatch?

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