Basel: roof access hatch for rooftop terrace

I chose a Staka roof access hatch thanks to the high quality of the finish, good insulation properties, and its minimalist design.

Increase your living space – and the value of your home – by creating a rooftop terrace. Constructing a rooftop terrace gives you own your piece of outdoor space where you can enjoy the sunset.

A resident of the city centre of Basel, Switzerland, chose to create a rooftop terrace with a glazed roof access hatch. The rooftop terrace is stylishly decorated with plants and a wooden terrace floor. The glazed roof access hatch is positioned in the middle of the rooftop terrace, and the sleek design of the roof access hatch gives the rooftop terrace a touch of extra luxury.

Glazed roof access hatch: let in daylight

Installing a glazed roof access hatch lends your rooftop terrace an air of luxury. It also lets daylight into the room underneath, making the room look more attractive and spacious.

The design of the TopLight roof access hatch lets in the most daylight possible. The frame and motors are completely hidden from view, so you can only see glass from below and enjoy the perfect amount of daylight.

More information about a glazed roof access hatch

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