Roof terrace in Munich

The TopLight was chosen on the basis of design and durability

The HBH Architekten project ‘Exclusive living in Munich’ placed high demands on architecture, design, and sustainability.

The project involved equipping three apartments with a roof terraces and the stylish Staka TopLight roof access hatches measuring 3000 × 1000 mm were chosen for access to the roof terraces. The designers were won over by the design, sustainability, and dimensions of the Staka TopLight roof access hatch. Thanks to the generous dimensions of 3000 x 1000 mm, the design can incorporate a user-friendly fixed staircase and create a stylish access point to the roof access hatch.

The TopLight roof access hatch is equipped with electric controls making it easy to open. The TopLight is also fitted with triple glazing that has a high insulation value as well as offering excellent sound insulation and solar shading. This combination ensures that residents can enjoy the best of the sun’s rays without the room getting too hot.

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Click here to view the TopLight and the roof terrace in 360 degree experience!

TopLight DakluikTopLight dakluik