Roof access hatch with glass


Roof hatch glass for roof terrace

Are you considering installing a roof terrace? A roof terrace helps create an air of calm and a sense of space, your own oasis in the city. You can increase the comfort and durability of your roof terrace access hatch by installing a fixed staircase to a roof access hatch.

A stylish glass roof access hatch adds the finishing touch to your luxurious roof terrace. A roof access hatch with glass allows extra daylight into your home as well as adding to the aesthetic appeal and ease of use. The fully insulated TopLight roof access hatch will help you maintain an optimum indoor climate.

If you are looking for more information on the entire process of installing your roof terrace, you can consult our comprehensive guide on this page. If you are looking for a contractor to install your roof access hatch, you can consult Staka’s extensive network of roof terrace specialists.

A roof access hatch with glass provides ultimate home comfort

Roof hatch with glass for rooftop terrace

You can step outside feeling great. TopLight roof access hatches are equipped with electric controls for ultimate ease of use. They also provide ventilation and the option to be connected to a central control system.
Staka’s Premium roof access hatch with glass is made of UltraGlass, a triple-layered pane of glass with unparalleled technical characteristics:

  • ● Solar-shielding
  • ● Translucent
  • ● Sound-shielding
  • ● Fall protected

The UltraGlass roof access hatch with glass ensures the highest level of insulation, prevents heat from building up under the roof access hatch, shuts out ambient noise thanks to the 43 dBA sound isolation, and even mostly negates the sounds of rain during storms.

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Roof access hatch with glass – Premium design

A TopLight roof access hatch with glass scores exceptionally well in terms of insulation, durability, and home comfort. The aesthetic quality naturally matches the performance of the glass. The following clever design choices have resulted in the development of a superior roof access hatch:

  • ● A concealed frame
  • ● Concealed electric motors
  • ● Dirt-resistant coating

When you look out through your roof access hatch, the glass hatch is all you see. The roof access hatch’s electric motors and frame are entirely out of sight, ensuring the Staka roof access hatch with glass blends perfectly into your carefully designed home.

A maintenance-free roof access hatch with glass

The Staka roof access hatch with glass requires minimal maintenance. The roof access hatch with glass is installed at a five-degree angle. The frame is made of high-quality stainless steel and comes with a professional-grade dirt-resistant coating. You can enjoy your roof access for decades.

By choosing Staka, you are choosing a reliable partner. Staka has been supplying high-quality roof access hatches throughout Europe since 2008. Our products reflect the increasing importance businesses and other customers attach to aesthetics and their living environment. Staka distinguishes itself with its high product quality and excellent service.

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